Logarithm: Special Form, Exponent, Properties

Logarithm is one of basic mathematics concept. Logarithm counts repeated same number in multiplication form. Operating logarithm means determine how many repeated numbers (b) to get the result (x). Logarithm is used to many sectors in life. Some of them are calculate the magnitude of earthquake using Richer Scale, loudness of sound in decibels (dB),

Cross product: Formula, Rule, And Examples

What is Cross product Cross product is one of kind of vector product. It is also called vector product. It is because cross product is operated in vector case. The result is length and direction. It is multiply two vectors (vector a and b) to get the result (length and the direction). The length (magnitude)

L’hopital’s rule: Definition, Proof, Examples

What is l’hopital’s rule L’hospital rule is one of ways to make limit easier to solve. It was introduced by French mathematicians, Guillaume de l’Hôpital. It was 1969 in his book “Analyse des Infiniment Petits pour l’Intelligence des Lignes Courbes.” L’hospital rule use derivative concept. In calculus, L’hospital use derivative to determine limit value in