Adjacent Angles

In the lesson below, you will learn about how to identify whether angles are adjacent. Definition Adjacent angles are 2 angles that have a common vertex & a common side. The vertex of an angle is the endpoint of the rays that form the sides of the angle. The common vertex and common side we mean here are

Order of Operations (PEMDAS): Definition & Examples

Order of operation is a basic concept in mathematics, especially in algebra. It has been studied in elementary school and continued in next level of education. It uses to solve multiple operation in mathematics. Definition of Operation Operation means doing something to solve mathematics’ problem. It contains addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, etc. There are simple

Integration by Parts: Formula & Examples

Integration by Parts Formula Integration is one of calculus part. Integration is not only consisting of general formula, but also integration by substitution and integration by parts. Different problem needs different way to solve it. Integration by parts was discovered by mathematicians, Brook Taylor, in 1715. Integration by parts is used to solve integration problems

Adding Fractions

A fraction like 1/2 says we have 1 out of the 2 parts the whole is divided into. The top number is called numerator The bottom number is called denominator How to Add Fractions To add fractions there are Three Simple Steps: Make sure the bottom numbers (the denominators) are the same Add the top

Expanded Notation

Definition Expanded Notation is about Writing a number to show the value of each digit. Expanded Notation is shown as a sum of each digit multiplied by its matching place value (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.) Examples 1,234 = 1 × 1,000 + 2 × 100 + 3 × 10 + 4 × 1 98,765 = 9 ×

Rational Function

Definition Rational Function is A function that is the ratio of 2 polynomials. It is Rational because one polynomial is divided by the other polynomial, like a ratio. (Note: the denominator cannot be zero.) Examples Learn More FOIL Method Counting Numbers Difference Multiplicative Inverse Definitions Index

Alternate Exterior Angles

Definition When 2 lines are crossed by another line (Transversal): Alternate Exterior Angles are a pair of angles on the outer side of each of those two lines but on opposite sides of the transversal. How to remember the angle pairs are on Alternate sides of the Transversal, and they are on the Exterior of