A Kite is a flat shape with straight sides. It has 2 pairs of equal-length adjacent sides.


Characteristics of Kite

  • Two pairs of sides
  • Each pair is 2 equal-length sides that are adjacent
  • The angles are equal where the 2 pairs meet
  • Diagonals (dashed lines) cross at right angles, and one of the diagonals bisects (cuts equally in half) the other.

Area of a Kite

To find the Area, multiply the lengths of the diagonals and then divide by 2:

Kite Area

A kite has diagonals of 6cm and 8cm, what is its Area?

Kite Area Example

Perimeter of a Kite

The Perimeter is the distance around the edges.

The Perimeter is 2 times (side length a + side length b):

Perimeter = 2 × (a + b)


A kite with side lengths of 15cm and 20cm, what is its Perimeter?

Perimeter = 2 × (15cm + 20cm) = 2 × 35cm = 70cm

Rhombus and Square

When all the angles are also 90° the Kite will be a Square.

When all sides have equal length (with all angles aren’t 90o), the Kite will also be a Rhombus.

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