Pythagoras Theorem

When a triangle has a right angle (90°) and squares are made on each of the 3 sides, then the biggest square has the exact same area as the other 2 squares put together! Pythagoras Theorem can be written in one short equation: a2 + b2 = c2 Where: c is the longest side of the triangle

Factoring Polynomials: 5 Methods & Examples

Previous topic about polynomial is multiplying. If there are two or more simple polynomial that are multiplied it will become complex polynomial. Concept of factoring polynomials is inversely. Starting from complex polynomial become simple polynomial. If the polynomial is divided by one of the simple polynomials then the remainder is zero. It is also called

How to Find Intercepts From an Equation

x Intercept is where the graph of an equation crosses the x-axis y Intercept is where the graph of an equation crosses the y-axis How To find the intercepts What Intercept Steps x intercepts (x, 0) 1. Set y=02. Solve for x y intercepts (0, y) 1. Set x=02. Solve for y Learn More General

Greatest Common Factor

Greatest Common Factor (GCF) or Highest Common Factor (HCF) is the largest of the common factors. Greatest Common Factor is useful to simplify a fraction, because it is the largest number we can divide both numerator and denominator of a fraction. How to Find the Greatest Common Factor Method 1 find all factors of both