Ascending & Descending Order

Ascending Order When the numbers are arranged from the smallest number to the largest number, those numbers are said to be in an ascending order. Ascending order of numbers is arranged numbers from smallest to largest number. Descending Order When the numbers are arranged from the largest to the smallest number, those numbers are said to

Monomial: Definition, Degree, Operations, And Examples

Definition of Monomial Monomial is one of algebra form that consists of one term. It is also defined as mathematical expression that consists of one term. The term is a number or the result of multiply between coefficient and the variables. Variable is symbol to replace unknown number yet. The general form is Difference between

Triangles: Definition, Properties, Types, Area, Perimeter, Examples

Triangle has been used since long time ago in human life. There are many things in daily life that has triangle in shape for example ruler, hanger, slice of sandwich, front and back side of tent, surface of pyramid, etc.. Definition of Triangles Triangles is a two-dimension shape that bordered by three sides so that

Corresponding Angles: Theorem & Examples

Angle is formed by two rays that have a common end point. There are some types of angle. Here they are. Type of Angle In general, there are some kinds of angles: 1. Acute angle (less than 90°) Learn more about acute angle. 2. Right angle (90°) 3. Obtuse angle (more than 90° but less than

Math Definitions

Here are some easy-to-understand definitions of mathematics terms, with links to further reading. Basic Basic Math Definitions Difference FOIL Method Expanded Notation Equality & Inequality Equal, Greater, or Less Than Fractions is … Fractions Simplest Form of Fractions Improper Fractions Mixed Fractions Equivalent Fractions Least Common Denominator Rational Function Inverse is … Inverse Operation Additive

Counting Numbers

Counting numbers are the set of numbers that we use to learn how to count. They are also called natural numbers, since they feel natural to us because they are naturally the first numbers to learn. Sometimes they are also referred to as positive integers. Counting: Number Names to 100 1 2 3 4 5

Reflex Angle

A Reflex Angle is more than 180° but less than 360° More Examples of Reflex Angle Which Angle? Remember to look carefully at which angle you are being asked to name. The reflex angle is the larger angle. It is more than 180° but less than 360° If you choose the smaller angle you might

Inequalities: Definition, How to Solve, Linear, Quadratic, Examples

Definition of Inequalities Inequalities is different with equality clearly. Equality use equal sign (=) but inequality use inequal sign (≠, >, <, ≤, ≥). Look at the table to understand about the inequality signs. Sign Meaning Example ≠ Not equals with … 1 ≠ 2 ≥ Greater than or equal to … a2+1 ≥ 10for

Concentric Circles

In geometry, 2 or more objects are said to be concentric, coaxial, or coaxal when they share the same axis or center. Circles, regular polygons, regular polyhedra, spheres, and cylinders may be concentric to one another (sharing the same center point). Definition of Concentric Circles Concentric Circles are 2 or more circles which have same center point. They fit inside each

Sets Theory

A set is a collection of distinct objects, considered as an object in its own right. For example, the numbers 1, 3, and 5 are distinct objects when considered separately, but when they are considered collectively they form a single set of size three, written {1, 3, 5}. The concept of a set is one