Adding Fractions

A fraction like 1/2 says we have 1 out of the 2 parts the whole is divided into.

The top number is called numerator

The bottom number is called denominator

How to Add Fractions

To add fractions there are Three Simple Steps:

  1. Make sure the bottom numbers (the denominators) are the same
  2. Add the top numbers (the numerators), put that answer over the denominator
  3. Simplify the fraction (if needed)


Step 1Add Fractions 1
Step 2Add Fractions 2
Step 3Add Fractions 3

If the denominators are different?

to Add Fractions with different denominators, We need to make them the same before we can continue, because we can’t add them like that.

Note: multiply both top and bottom by the same amount, will keep the value of the fraction the same


Step 1Add Fractions 4
Step 2Add Fractions 5
Step 3Can’t be simplified more

A Rhyme To Help You Remember

♫ “If adding or subtracting is your aim,

The bottom numbers must be the same! ♫

♫ “Change the bottom using multiply or divide,

But the same to the top must be applied, ♫

♫ “And don’t forget to simplify,

Before its time to say good bye” ♫

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