Inverse Operation

Inverse Operation is an operation that reverses or undo the effect of another operation. Definition of Inverse Operation What are Inverse Operations? Inverse means reverse in position / direction. The word “inverse” comes from the Latin word “inversus” which means to turn inside out or upside down. Inverse operation in mathematics is an operation that undoes what was done by the previous operation. Most … Continue reading "Inverse Operation"

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Directly and Inversely Proportional

Directly Proportional Directly proportional: when one amount increases, another amount increases at the same rate. The symbol for “directly proportional” is ∝ Inversely Proportional Inversely Proportional: when one value increases, at the same rate that the other decreases. Examples   Directly Proportional Inversely Proportional Have more workers You pay more Work time is shorter How … Continue reading "Directly and Inversely Proportional"

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